50+ Most important Spanish words for your trip to Mexico

September 06, 2018

Spanish language is spoken by 442 million people in the world which alone makes it important to learn. When preparing for a trip for a foreign country it's especially important to know the words and phrases to get through your daily life.

Why learn Spanish words for a trip?

You might ask if it is actually worth learning phrases and words, especially if you are just going there for a vacation and will be staying in tourist destinations only where English is spoken.

Firstly, when you even try to speak the language you already look like a more respectful person, in general.

Secondly, if you are will travel around the country knowing at least basic words and phrases will help you feel more confident and allow to make at least basic conversations.

And finally, Spanish is a beautiful language and learning it has its benefits anyway. I'm compiling those phrases and words based on my own experience of the importance of those phrases.

The list will be constantly updated, so it's recommended to bookmark this page for the ease of use.

General phrases

Hello - Hola
Yes - Sí
No - No
Goodbye - Adios
Sorry - Disculpe. This word is used when you are asking a question, for example, and want to start a conversation politely. For example: "Disculpe, ¿dónde está la Biblioteca?"
Pardon me - Perdón. This is usually used when you have pushed someone accidentally or did something wrong.
Thank you - Gracias
You are welcome - De nada
I need help - Necesito ayuda
Life - Vida
Men - Hombre
Woman - Mujer
Travel - Viaje
Car - Coche
Claro - Sure

Buying things

How much is it? - ¿cuanto cuesta?
It is too expensive - Es muy caro
Cheaper, please - Más barato, por favor
I don't need it - No lo necesito
This thing, please - Esto, por favor
Credit card - tarjeta de crédito
Debit card - tarjeta de débito
Cash - effectivo
Change - cambio
Things - Cosas
Free - Gratis
Better - Mejor
Worse - Peor

In a restaurant or cafe

Can I have a menu, please - ¿Puedo tener un menú, por favor
I want... - Yo quiero
Coffee, please - Café por favor
Water - Agua
Tea, please - Té por favor
With milk - Con leche
Without sugar - Sin azúcar
Check - La cuenta
One more - Uno mas
Spicier - Más picante
Big - grande
Restroom - baño
Tips - propina
For eating here - Para comer aqui
For taking out - Para llevar


Where is? - ¿Dónde está?
Turn - Giro
Stop (sign) - Alto
Left - Izquierda
Right - Derecho
Street - Calle
Side - Lado
Where is your house? - ¿Dónde está tu casa?

In hotel

I have a reservation - Tengo una reservación
Room number - Número de habitación
My card key doesn't work - Mi tarjeta no funciona


House - Casa
Supermarket - Supermercado
Market - Mercado
Embassy - Embajada
Police - Policía
Store - Almacenar
Hospital - Hospital
Airport - Aeropuerto

And if you need a break after studying, watch this video about Mexico city:


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