Mexico healthcare. 3 reasons why I prefer it over USA

September 12, 2018

There have been many discussions about the quality and cost of healthcare in the United States. The skyrocket premiums, high prices of each and every doctor visit and very high prices of medications. Some don't see it as a problem because their employer pays for that, but as a contractor, I was always expected to pay all those premiums and was still only going a couple of times to a doctor per year. Does it make any sense, you ask? Let's see.

Booking appointments easily

I should say that all of this is targeted at expats mostly. Locals in Mexico might have a different view, but let's see what Mexican healthcare can offer to us. First of all, there is no need to go to the doctor to get the lab tests. This is such a relief knowing that you don't need to book an appointment and wait for it for weeks or months. You can just walk in and take the tests that you need or want, just type in "laboratory" in Google Maps and go wherever you want. Hard to believe, right?

Health Packages in Mexico

Medical costs

Second of all, health care is much less expensive going south. Everybody knows it. I will never forget that once I went to a doctor in the US and instead of even listening to me I've got a 40$ bill and Advil prescribed. What kind of care is it? I could have just bought it myself and haven't wasted time going to a doctor. Plus my insurance has probably paid a 300$ for that visit. In Mexico I know that I don't need to go to a specific doctor or a network of doctors, nor do I need the insurance. I can just pick any doctor I like and go. And believe me, the choice would be much better because all of them are competing with each other and interested in having you around. The market economy, you know?


The doctor visit in Mexico will be around 25-80$ depending on the location and the area of doctor's expertise without the need for insurance. Prescription drugs would be much cheaper too. I recommend Doctoralia for selecting a doctor and booking an appointment. Many doctors speak English at least at some level.

And if you need to brush up your Spanish a bit for your visit, take a look at those phrases that I recommend learning.

Prescription drugs

Finally, the prescription drugs in Mexico are much less of a problem than in the United States. If you know what you need (and you must know it) you can easily purchase most of those without the need of seeing a doctor. Just go to a pharmacy that you like and buy it there at an affordable price.

Easy, right?


I personally have enjoyed Mexican healthcare opportunities, but it's a choice that you need to do yourself. It might work out great for some people and not really be the best choice for others. If you have a great coverage through your employer in United States, you might not really need to go to Mexico for healthcare assistance.

On the other hand, if you are underinsured, Mexican healthcare might be a great option for you.

Next time when you think about going to a doctor consider the price and other factors and if needed just go across the border.

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