How does USA - Mexico border looks like?

December 29, 2018

Have you ever wondered how one of the busiest border crossings in the world looks like? Ever thought how two countries can be so heavily isolated while being so much dependent on each other?
Well, in this case, let's take a look at Tijuana - San Diego border and see how do does it look in real life.

International Border

International border wall between Mexico and United States

Differences between sides

It divides two worlds, cultures and many other things in between.
An interesting aspect of this border world is that there are two completely different approaches at both sides of the border.

On San Diego side it's not possible to approach closely to a wall, while on Tijuana side people can approach the wall and look freely through it. On San Diego side there are almost no people, there is no infrastructure for miles nearby the border, but on Tijuana side, there is a boardwalk and people enjoy their life together. It has a totally different vibe.

Bird on a border

Birds can be seen crossing the Mexico - USA border all the time

Security measures

The freest are the animals at the border. Birds cross it back and forth without any documentation - how great is that? If you try to cross the same border like that you will definitely run into problems with the law.

Bird on a border

USA Border patrol vehicle overlooks the area

It might seem relaxed at first sight, but the border patrol vehicle from the USA side always on the lookout for illegal crossings.


Boarwalk on Tijuana, Mexico side of the wall

If you are planning to visit a beach area, then I would definitely recommend staying on the Mexican side because of the more opportunities to eat, to watch people and simply to enjoy sunsets. It feels much more fun on the Tijuana side. The boardwalk was a recent initiative from the Mexican government with a goal of making this place more appealing to visitors and seems like they have accomplished that goal.


Border wall art

The wall also seems to became a place where people express themselves and their thoughts. The message that people try to express here is that we are all humans, should respect each other and while protecting a border is a very important task, we should always remember that we are all living on the planet Earth, no matter what side of the wall we are at.

I also have a video about this famous border wall, that you are welcome to watch.

Oh, and if you have ever wondered about how fun it could be living in Tijuana take a look at how those bands perform to entertain people. Life is a bit more interesting and engaging south of the border.

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