Five key benefits of moving to Mexico

December 31, 2018

Mexico has become a headline of the news recently. There were many things told about that country: some are true and some are completely false. Despite this, many people cross the border back and forth in both directions. While the relationship can be described as "tense" there are many people considering doing the move to Mexico and there are many reasons for that. Moving to Mexico is a big step and it's better to look at the options wisely.


That comes first in the list when talking about Mexico. Many people considering the move because it really does make sense from the economic point of view. Expect to pay one-third to one-fourth of what you pay back in the United States. It really depends what region of the USA or what country you are coming from, so for the best results it's the best to use living costs comparison website such as or another similar service.
You should also take into consideration the exchange rate of the country that you are coming from.


Life in Mexico is different. Different because it's people who make it different. It's much less about the monetary things and more about life itself and the sense of living. The family is a very important aspect for every Mexican. People seem to smile a lot even if they have problems, even if life is not showing them the brightest side. They have something that many people in other countries have lost - a sense of openness. People in Mexico are generally kind and curious, they always try to make you feel welcomed. There are exceptions, of course, like everywhere, but in general, people are great.

Medical opportunities

If you have used to expensive and unaffordable healthcare (especially in the USA), Mexico would be a great surprise to you. If you need dental work or any other procedures you can get quotes from Mexican hospitals and get that work done there. I've already talked about that in another article, but it's really easy to choose a doctor and get treatment. All in all, if you are under-insured, or uninsured or just looking for ways to save - Mexico might be your ultimate destination.

Climate and landscape

You can't really beat the diversity of the Mexican landscape. Desert, ocean, jungles or whatever you like - everything is reachable with a short fly or a bus ride. You don't even need a car to get to many destinations. You can peak a colonial town or oceanside community - whatever you like or wish. If safety is your primary concern you can always find a quiet place that is isolated enough from the issues mentioned in the headline of the news.

Spanish language

Yes, seriously! Have you ever heard how beautiful Spanish language sounds and how inspiring and amazing their songs are? Well, for those reasons alone learning a Spanish language makes sense. Knowing another language is always a good challenge, but Spanish is one of the world's most spoken languages and you if you speak it - the whole world of Latin America opens to you, as well as Europe. Oh, and if you have a trip to Spanish-speaking country upcoming, be sure to brush up the Spanish phrases.

As you can see, there are many reasons to make a move. Don't forget that before moving you can always test-drive your life in another location by booking an Airbnb room or apartment. That is one of the most cost-efficient ways to stay in the country long term.

I have a video on my channel where I discuss the main differences between life in the United States and Mexico

Mexico and United States: 5 key differences in lifestyle

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