50+ Most important Russian words for your trip to Russia

April 09, 2019

Russian language is spoken by 150 million people worldwide and used throughout Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Baltic States and Central Asia.

It was a de-facto language of Soviet Union before dissolution in 1991 and still plays the important part of daily life on many people even outside of Russia.

Why learn important Russian words for a trip?

You might ask if it is actually worth learning phrases and words, especially if you are just going there for a vacation and will be staying in tourist destinations only where English is spoken.

Firstly, when you even try to speak the language you already look like a more respectful person, in general.

Secondly, if you are will travel around the country knowing at least basic words and phrases will help you feel more confident and allow to make at least basic conversations.

And finally, if you are traveling in rural Russia you'll have much more luck if you know at least some phrases to navigate around. I'm compiling those phrases and words based on my own experience of the importance of those phrases.

The list will be constantly updated, so it's recommended to bookmark this page for the ease of use.

General phrases

Hello - Privet
Yes - Da
No - Nyet
Goodbye - Poka
Sorry - Izvinite
Thank you - Spasibo
I need help - Mne nuzhna pomosh
Life - Zhizn
Men - Muzhchina
Woman - Zhenshina
Travel - Puteshestvie
Car - Mashina
Sure - Koneshno

Buying things

How much is it? - Skolso stoit?
It is too expensive - Eto slishkom dorogo
Cheaper, please - Deshevle, pozhaluysta
I don't need it - Mne ne nuzhno
This thing, please - Eto, pozhaluysta
Credit card - Kreditnaya kartochka
Debit card - Debitnaya kartochka
Cash - Nalichniye
Change - Sdacha
Things - Veshi
Free - Besplatno
Better - Lutshe
Worse - Huzhe

In a restaurant or cafe

Can I have a menu, please - Mozhno mne menu, pozhaluysta
I want... - Ya hochu
Coffee, please - Cofe, pozhaluysta
Water - Voda
Tea, please - Chay, pozhaluysta
With milk / Without milk - S molokom / Bez moloka
Without sugar - Bez sahara
Check - Schyot
One more - Eshyo odnu
Spicier - Ostree
Big - Boslhoe
Restroom - Tualet
Tips - Chaeviye
For eating here - Kushayu zdes
For taking out - Beru edu s soboy


Where is? - Gde eto?
Turn - Povernut
Stop (sign) - Stop
Left - Nalevo
Right - Napravo
Street - Ulitsa
Side - Storona
Where is your house? - Gde tvoy dom?

In hotel

I have a reservation - U menya zarezervirovano
Room number - Nomer komnaty
My card key doesn't work - Moya kartochka ne rabotaet


House - Dom
Supermarket - Supermarket
Market - Rynok
Embassy - Posolstvo
Police - Politsiya
Store - Magazin
Hospital - Gospital
Airport - Aeroport

Learning important Russian words and phrases might be the best improvement for your overall travel experience.

And if you would like to find an affordable place to stay for your trip to Russia consider reading this guide.

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